Hybrid Ventile®

Talorc hybrid Ventile® jacket
Hybrid Ventile® uses Double Ventile® in the areas of a garment most exposed to rain

Ventile® is a completely natural fabric made from cotton. It is durable, highly breathable and quiet which makes it perfect for hunting, nature watching, bushcraft, nature photography and cold weather sports. Ventile® fabrics are 100% cotton, utilising the finest, long staple fibres, only found in the top 2% of the world's crop.

Hybrid Ventile® is a concept developed by Hilltrek where areas of a garment most exposed to rain use Double Ventile®, the remainder in Single Ventile®. This optimises the garment weight while protecting the wearer in most conditions. See our Hybrid Ventile® products below, watch our video, or find out more>

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