• We reserve the right to charge an additional fee of £20  if a garment is extremely dirty and requires dry cleaning.
  • We cannot guarantee to remove blood stains, oil stains and similar; oil stains are particularly difficult to remove from Organic Ventile garments.
  • If you have stained the garment accidentally, please let us know if possible the chemical which has caused the stain.
  • The washing process may discolour the garment which is natural and one of the characteristics of Ventile®.
  • The service is only available for Hilltrek Ventile® and Cotton Analogy® garments.


Our washing Terms & Conditions (see above) apply. In addtion, please note that we cannot always guarantee that it is possible to reproof your garment. In some cases your garment may have been contaminated by a chemical which cannot be removed easily and which prevents the DWR restoration process. In this case we will refund the reproof fee and charge you only for washing.