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Ventile is now PFC Free

Ventile is now PFC Free

Posted by David Shand on 25th Feb 2022

Following several years of development and testing Ventile is now PFC free.

This is great news for us. We were one of the first technical clothing companies to use PFC free Ventile Eco Organic in our Organic Ventile range, for which we won a silver award for sustainability from the TGO magazine.

PFC's are not good for the environment and although Ventile clothing has a minimal impact, the use of PFC's is not compatible with a sustainable clothing brand such as Hilltrek.

How will this affect the properties of Ventile fabric?

Over the last two years, Stotz, the manufacturer of Ventile, has worked closely with scientists, textile experts and dye houses to find a DWR replacement for PFCs that doesn’t compromise the quality of the fabric or shorten its lifespan. Ventile’s PFC-free DWR was developed through rigorous testing in both the lab and field, it continues to deliver the performance specifications relevant for the end-user.

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Ventile goes PFC Free

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