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Our new Cruachan Double Ventile Smock

Our new Cruachan Double Ventile Smock

Posted by Ruaraidh Petre on 9th Nov 2016

Our new Double Ventile Smock is called the Cruachan named after the iconic mountain in Argyll in the West Coast of Scotland.

The Smock was named by Ruaraidh Petre and here is his story:

"The new smock should be called Cruachan! The most iconic of hills in Argyll, and the highest.

For some of the clans in the area including the McIntyres (my mother’s side of the family) the name Cruachan was a rallying cry in days gone by.

Living on the shores of loch Etive, Ben Cruachan was a constant presence for me growing up; even when shrouded in its blanket of cloud, you could feel it’s bulk like a sentinel to the east.

Later as a teenager and in my twenties I would gather sheep on Cruachan’s steep sides, and I can tell you, if ever there’s a place you need a Ventile smock, it would be Cruachan.

Being so near the coast, damp air coming in from the Atlantic meets the hill, is forced upwards, condenses and falls as rain.

I’ve no proof of this, but I would think that it could rain up to 300 days a year somewhere on Cruachan!

As a name for the smock, Cruachan works well.

The word actually means hill in Gaelic, thus matching your “hill name” series, as is appropriate for the top of the range smock.

It’s not too long or difficult to pronounce, and of course it represents one of the most beautiful hills in Scotland!"

Ben Cruachan - click to see the new smock named after this mountain

Too learn more about the Smock see Cruachan Double Ventile Smock.

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