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Cotton Analogy or Double Ventile- which is best?

Cotton Analogy or Double Ventile- which is best?

Posted by David Croll on 26th Feb 2020

Our initial response is always that it’s not about which is best because they are both great concepts but it’s more a case of understanding the differences and then applying that knowledge to what your use for the garment.

Both systems have one thing in common, that is they use a Ventile cotton outer so maybe we start by telling you about why Ventile is such a useful fabric for outdoor garments. 

Despite being initially manufactured during World War 2, Ventile still outperforms most modern-day synthetic fabrics in many respects.

Ventile doesn’t tick the box for the current trend of lightweight clothing but it has many other attributes for technical outdoor clothing.

  • Waterproof(Double Ventile/Cotton Analogy)
  • Windproof
  • Water repellent
  • Regulates temperature which is enhanced by good design
  • Highly breathable
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Quiet with minimal rustle
  • Easy to care for
  • Environmentally friendly ( now Organic and PFC free )
  • Reliable – no laminates or coatings
  • Tear Resistant

Now that’s quite a list and when you construct a garment from two layers of ventile it is fully waterproof – almost bombproof in fact, giving great protection from the weather whilst being breathable keeping you dry inside.

So with such a great garment made from double ventile why bother with cotton analogy ?

Cotton Analogy is derived from Ventile Cotton and Nikwax Analogy

Cotton Analogy uses Ventile as the outer layer and  Nikwax Analogy Directional Pump Liner as the inner layer. Nikwax is a sister company of Paramo and Nikwax Directional fabrics are used in all Paramo clothing.

The Nikwax Directional Pump Liner mimics the action of animal fur and pushes liquid and moisture out to protect from rain, condensation and perspiration, keeping you dry inside. Whilst doing this it keeps out the rain and also helps insulate you. In addition, it continues to work effectively in conditions of high humidity and extreme cold.

So having read the attributes of both fabric solutions...

Do you recommend Cotton Analogy or Double Ventile?

Both keep you dry inside, both keep out the rain, both regulate temperature and both are great to wear. 

The answer depends on your main use of the garment.

If you are going to be active and generate perspiration then the Directional Pump Liner in Cotton Analogy will be more efficient at managing internal moisture. We have made Cotton Analogy garments for people pulling sledges across the Arctic, skiing in the Alps and walking in the Cairngorms.

On the other hand Double Ventile is excellent for keeping out bitterly cold winds and rain so if you are perhaps a photographer or a stalker who will be relatively static, not generating too much moisture but wanting good protection from the elements it may be that Double Ventile is the better option for you.

If you want a naturally waterproof fabric solution with minimal synthetics then Double Ventile is also for you.

Importantly, there is no great difference in weight of Double Ventile and Cotton Analogy.

Whichever you choose you will get a great garment to enjoy the Great Outdoors.

To learn more about Directional Fabrics see the Nikwax Analogy Waterproof Video

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