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An entry to our competition from Lance Echt in North Idaho using his Braemar Ventile Smock

Posted by Lance Echt on 27th Jan 2017

Building an off-grid, North Idaho, homestead in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains is a never ending adventure. The weather ranges over the year from -40 to 105 Fahrenheit with accompanying rain storms and blizzards and I live and play in it all year round. I’m a frugal consumer, but I always make sure that I have the best personal kit I can afford. After lots of researching outerwear, I kept seeing the name Hilltrek pop-up. I finally bought the Braemar Ventile wind-shirt and it has been one of my most prized garments. Few people around here understand the fantastic qualities of Ventile, but I am steadily winning over converts amongst my friends and neighbors. I have my Hilltrek with me hiking up mountains in the summer, wildcrafting in the fall, as well as relying on it all winter long . When the roads are snowed over, many times snowshoeing is my only means of transportation. Whatever the adventure, my Hilltrek has never let me down. I’d love to have the new Cruachan Ventile smock- that to me looks like the ultimate protection for our extremes of weather and lifestyle up here.

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