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 Jacket for a lifetime -Sustainable Outdoor Clothing

Jacket for a lifetime -Sustainable Outdoor Clothing

Posted by David Shand on 10th Aug 2018

Our customer John was gifted a Hilltrek Double Ventile® Jacket on a significant birthday many years ago.

Over 32 years later John's jacket has been refurbished by Heather, pictured with John outside Hilltrek, and is ready for many more years of use.

We don't have records of the price paid for John's birthday jacket 32 years ago but our equivalent jacket, the Cuillin, now costs £395 which would mean that with inflation and the recent repair cost, the jacket has cost John £7 per year to own. Of course, now thanks to Heather's refurbishment,  the jacket has several years of wear yet to come. A good investment all those years ago!

As much as we like making new Ventile® clothing for our customers, it's equally satisfying to know that we're producing a truly sustainable piece of kit that can last a lifetime. Our refurbishment service can bring new life to a much-loved jacket or smock and includes patching tears and holes, restoring cuffs and other wear points, replacing studs, cord pulls and zips. 

We prefer restoring our own Hilltrek manufactured Ventile® garments however our service includes restoring non-Hilltrek Ventile® jackets and trousers.  If you have a garment in need of refurbishment, take a look at our Clothing Repair Service page and get in touch.

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