Outdoor clothing in Ventile®, a completely natural fabric made from cottonA completely natural, 100% cotton fabric

Ventile® is a completely natural fabric made from cotton. It is durable, highly breathable and quiet which makes it perfect for hunting, nature watching, bushcraft, nature photography and cold weather sports.

Ventile® fabrics are 100% cotton, utilising the finest, long staple fibres, only found in the top 2% of the world's crop. After gentle spinning and doubling, the yarn is woven into a very dense weave, using up to 30% more yarn than conventional woven fabrics.

The performance of Ventile® fabrics results from the properties of cotton fibres which expand when they come into contact with water. The combination of fibres, yarns and weave causes expansion in a uniform manner. This allows the interstices within the fabric to close up, preventing the further passage of water. In addition to this, Ventile® is impregnated with a high quality DWR system which enhances the fabric's water resistant properties and increases performance.

Ventile® was invented just before World War 2 at the Shirley Institute in Manchester and was used in the Battle of Britain in pilots suits where it saved many lives. It was the first performance fabric used by mountain rescue teams in the UK and was used in exploring the world's highest mountain ranges and the polar regions before the advent of synthetic fabrics.

Ventile®’s breathability performance remains unsurpassed.

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We have used Ventile® in our garments for over 30 years and offer four different fabric solutions Single Ventile®, Double Ventile®, Hybrid Ventile® and Cotton Analogy®.

Outdoor clothing in Ventile®, a completely natural fabric made from cottonSingle Ventile® (SV)

Single Ventile® is a single layer used for windproof and showerproof applications. In our experience Single Ventile® is more breathable and will withstand showers longer than most synthetic windproofs. See all Single Ventile® products herer

Double Ventile® (DV)

Double Ventile® comprises two layers of Ventile® - the outer and the inner of the garment. Double Ventile® is windproof, fully waterproof and is highly breathable. See all Double Ventile® products herer

Hybrid Ventile® (HV)

Hybrid Ventile® is a concept developed by Hilltrek where areas of a garment most exposed to rain use Double Ventile®, with the rest of the garment made from a single layer of Ventile®. This optimises the garment weight while protecting the wearer in most conditions. See all Hybrid Ventile products herer

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Ventile is a trade mark of Stotz & Co. AG, formerly Talbot Weaving Ltd
Analogy is a trade mark of Nikwax Ltd