Clothing Repair Service

Accidents do happen...

Accidents do happen to that favourite piece of outdoor clothing. Perhaps climbing over a barbed wire fence while climbing your local hill or snagging on a branch while you are trying to take a photograph of a rare migratory bird through thorn bushes.

Coming from the North East of Scotland where the tradition is to be canny (careful with money), our repair service keeps jackets and trousers functioning well beyond their natural lifetime.

Our performance outdoor clothing repair service is broad however we specialise in repair of Ventile® and Nikwax Analogy® including Páramo® Clothing.

If your clothing needs repairing, please call our customer service department on 01339 886062 during our normal business hours 9am - 5pm, Monday to Saturday.

Any item returned for repair must be washed first. Our Health and Safety policy requires all returned garments be in a clean and dry condition before work can commence. If you return an unclean item, we will contact you first. The charge for professional cleaning prior to repairing it is £10 per garment.

Indicative Pricing

Trousers new seat £35
Scuff patches £20
Replacement leg zip (single)  £35
Replacement pocket zip £20
Shorten leg     from £20
Replacement jacket zip £45 
Shorten sleeve £30 
Patching          from £20
Cuff refurbishment  from £20
Knee patch  £30
Professional clean and re-proof service   from £30
Complete jacket refurbishment  from £50