Cruachan Ventile Hilltrek Cruachan smock tested in the Netherlands and at Cruachan

Reviews by Hilltrek Outdoor Clothing customers

Askival Cotton Analogy® Jacket

Charlie (a Scottish Deerhound)and I walked for 2 hours along Curbar and Froggat Edges, Derbyshire, in continuous rain and a temperature of 14C. The rain was not a problem at all. The Ventile® shell all but laughed at it. The Velcro adjustable cuffs kept the wind and rain out without me having to suffer from ‘soggy wrist’. Charlie's owner, Derbyshire.
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Talorc Jacket

I received my Talorc jacket today and I'm SO pleased with it! Great design, excellent fit, workmanship and made of lovely Ventile - what more could I want? Rich.
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Cuillin Ventile Jacket

Despite the sun, the temperature was about -15C with a stiff breeze so wind chills of around -25 to -30 C. The jacket was superb. With a wool base layer, light fleece and down sweater, my body was warm – my extremities on the other hand! John S, Indianapolis, USA
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Made to Measure for a Greenland adventure

We were anchored in a calm lagoon in the Bear Islands off East Greenland. The nearest village, Inuit, receives fewer visits every year than the North Pole. The weather was chilly but bright, at times a full gale with ice in it. You will not be surprised that I can report the anorak you made for me did everything I had hoped and more. The design was exactly right. Thank you for the time, effort and extraordinary skill which went into this garment. I was grateful that I had come to you for this critical component in enabling a fantastic adventure. Geoffrey
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Braemar Windshirt/Smock

The fit is very good and it is a really comfortable garment. I have now worn it walking up a rainy Corbett in Kintail and the windshirt acquitted itself excellently. The Ventile works really well in the wet and the cut and fit were very practical in windy hillwalking conditions. I will be recommending your windshirt to other hillwalkers. Patrick
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Hilltrek quality

As far as quality and appearances go, this jacket is first class and the workmanship is superb. These jackets have a classic, timeless appearance that gives them an unmistakable style all of their own. Charlie's owner, Derbyshire.

Cuillin Jacket

I am most impressed with the quality of the construction. It is easily the best made outdoor jacket I have ever worn - please give my compliments to Susan. I love the length, fully covering my rear, and the hood is excellent. Happy customer, USA
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Greenspot Double Ventile Jacket

Though the jacket displays no excessive degree of flappage even into a headwind, there are two adjustable straps to pull the torso a smidgeon tighter should you experience any while pedalling.

My blaze orange review sample is medium-sized, offering an excellent compromise between closeness of fit and the ability to add layers later in the year (when it's not quite so sunny and warm). It's perfectly comfortable in both the sit-up-and-beg position and on the drops. Cycling Blogger: thewashingmachinepost, Islay.
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