Sizing guide for Lochnagar Fleece Smock

Sizes are given in inches and centimetres:

SizeChestLengthSleeve length
XS 36" (91cm) 26"(66cm) 33" (84cm)
S 38" (97cm) 27" (69cm) 35" (89cm) 
M 40" (102cm) 28" (71cm) 36" (91cm) 
L 42" (107cm) 29" (74cm) 37" (94cm) 
XL 44" (112cm) 30" (76cm) 38" (96cm)

How to measure

Watch our "How to measure" video:

Hilltrek outdoor clothing: How to measureHow to measure yourself to ensure the best fit

Chest. Measure around the torso, under the arms.

How to measureLength: standing straight, measure from the nape of your neck down to the required finished length (see image).

How to measureSleeve length: with arm extended out to the side, measure from the centre of your back to the 2nd knuckle on your forefinger (see image).